Item No.Tool Owner Email Address
1Kingpin ReamerCarmine Picarello
2Distributor ReamerCarmine Picarello
3Hub PullerPaul Gerhardt
4Tire Bead BreakerPaul Gerhardt
5Kingpin ReamerPaul Gerhardt r
6Gas Guage WrenchEd McCreery
7Coil TesterEd McCreery emccrerry@pullcom.
8Reamer (Brake Backing Plates)Dan Beardsley
9Reamer (Distributor)Dan Beardsley
10Reamer (Spring Shackles)Dan Beardsley
11Front Spring SpreaderDan Beardsley
12Frame SpreaderDan Beardsley
13Distributor Removal ToolDan Beardsley
14Steering Wheel Removal ToolDan Beardsley
15Shift Lever Spring CompressorPaul Gerhardt
16Zenith Venturi Removal ToolPaul Gerhardt
17Brake Adjusting StickPaul Gerhardt "tiny.jpg"
18Distributor PullerPaul Gerhardt pgerhardt@comcast.netHere
19Light Switch Spring CompressorEd McCreery
20Head RemoverEd McCreery emccrerry@pullcom.
21Hub PullerEd McCreery


. Rebuilding Shock Absorbers

• Rebuilding Springs

• Rebuilding Transmissions

• Rebuilding Distributors

• Rebuilding 2 tooth steering columns

• Installing Brake Floater Kit

• Replacing Drums and Shoes

• Replacing Roof Materials

• Replacing Timing Gear

• Checking Engine Bearing Clearances

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