Fairfield County A's - 2016 Events Calendar

A Work In Progress

Spread the word. We will be having a club meeting at Dan Beardsley’s heated barn on Feb 13th, Saturday, at 10 AM. Bring a folding chair and if you like, a snack. Coffee and donuts will be provided. Bring a show and tell item and if you have a minor model A work project and can bring the car or the part to the meeting, let me know and we will see if we can cover that. We have one suggestion for a headlight alignment lesson. Please tell those who do not read or use their email account.

Dan’s place is at 89 Pearmain Road. Now this is a dirt road and while shown on the maps as being off Birdseye Rd....you must approach Dan’s house from the southern end of Pearmain, from Saw Mill City Road (also a dirt road)....because Pearmain road if very rough four wheeling territory for a chunk of its northern end.

SNOW PLANS: Probably no snow date for this so unless it’s a blizzard we’ll probably go ahead. But if it has snowed or is snowing , you also should come in from the eastern end of Saw Mill City. The western end of Saw Mill City Rd is sometimes not plowed. This makes the trip to Dan’s house all the more exciting to get to his lovely site nestled in the woods. If it’s really snowing hard, you can come to my house and then off-road there with me in my Jeep.